Baraco Coffee in Jutsack! Freshly Roasted and Ground Coffee straight from my hometown, LIPA, Batangas!!

Batangas is known for its Kapeng Barako(Baraco coffee). This has a strong taste, flavor, and a distinct aroma. Most coffee lovers would love it.. Sadly, not all Filipinos know the taste of this coffee because of non-availability of the product in their areas. But through online, we can share you one of Batangas' pride, the Kapeng Barako (Baraco coffee).

You can attach a personalize card on the jutsack and it's perfect for give aways or gifts.

I guarantee you freshly ground baraco coffee beans! I dont stock beans here in Manila and I make sure that your orders are always fresh and outstanding!! 

Prices: 1/2 Kilo is Php 185.00 | 1/4 kilo is Php 105.00

Every Sunday 4pm to 7pm at the Food Court, Glorietta Mall 3. 

FOR DELIVERY: (LBC or Grab Express)
-Payments may be made through bank deposit thru our BPI, BDO or Eastwest account. 
-Orders will only be processed upon confirmation (by sending us a copy of the deposit slip) and clearing of payment. 
-All shipping fees shall be shouldered by the buyer.

For special arrangement please contact me thru 0905.582.4478

How to brew Kapeng Barako the Batangas way:

Measure approximately 200 mL of purified, filtered water (Never use distilled water if you don't want your coffee to mess up.) and heat it up until it boils. Then add 2 tbsp or 10 grams of Baraco coffee or depending on how strong you want your coffee. Its just the standard we have at home. Set your timer to 5 minutes and dont cover your container. Slowly and gently mix your coffee every minute. Using a mesh or a cheesecloth, or anything that can filter your coffee. Slowly and gently pour your coffee on to a separate container. If you are not going to consume all of your brewed coffee, a thermos is needed to keep your coffee hot. The secret: Baraco coffee can be added with honey or muscovado sugar as sweeteners. Brown sugar, honey or muscovado works best with Baraco coffee

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